5 Tips To Impact Your Growth at YiJia in 2020

5 Tips To Impact Your Growth at YiJia in 2020

5 Tips To Impact Your Growth at YiJia in 2020

January 9, 2020

Hoorah, we all made it to 2020! Happy New Year to you from YiJia. I hope that you have rested well after what I can only imagine to be a festive party-hoping extravaganza. Now that we are easing back into our work and life routines, let’s talk about the year 2020.

We at YiJia like crossing over to a new year! Simply put, it’s like pressing the reset button. Now don’t get this confused with the erase button. By no means are we trying to forget last year, rather we are wiping the slate clean as we tiptoe into the early days of 2020. Wiping the slate clean also means that regardless if we’ve had a positive or negative year in 2019, we are all now at a new starting line.

We believe that 2020 will be an eventful year for every one of us, marking not only another new year, but also the closing decade of the 2010s. That being said, this is also the perfect time now to plan ahead. Planning ahead means having an action plan. Taking action means acting upon your habitual instincts. Ever heard of this saying:

“We are, all of us, creatures of habit, and when the seeming necessity for schooling ourselves in new ways ceases to exist, we fall naturally and easily into the manner and customs which long usage has implanted ineradicably within us.”

― Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Beasts of Tarzan

How to Form a New Habit

So what is a habit? To put it succinctly, a habit is an action you do frequently and automatically in response to something in your environment. From what we’ve read and surmised, there are various days thrown out declaring that a you would need 21 days, 30 days, or 90 days to form a new habit. Our interpretation is that it doesn’t matter how many days it takes to form a habit, but rather a habit is formed by virtue of consistency and by taking incremental actionable steps.

You should also forecast potential obstacles so that they won’t be a form of excuse to stop you from taking action. Regression is just another way of saying that you’re seeking comfort in the existing habits which you’ve already formed. But in recognition, it boils down to your motivations and if they are aligned with the list of goals you are creating now. Ask yourself, how important is this to you? Only through consistency will you be able to form new habits while shedding previously unproductive or even harmful ones.

Be accountable, this means that you will take steps to record your progress. Tracking your results is a marvelous way to recognize your growth over time. You can track your results in a journal, on a calendar, or better yet tell someone you trust of your new goals. By simply letting others know of your intentions means that you will be held accountable for your actions. Declare your goals to your circle of influence. Whether that being your mentor at work, your best friend or your family, those who influence you the most will hold you accountable the best.

Let’s quickly recap on how to adopt a new habit before moving forward:

  1. Find your motivation.
  2. Set goals and create a plan.
  3. Breakdown your plan into action.
  4. Forecast your obstacles, overcome your excuses.
  5. Be accountable, track your results.

Practice these steps religiously over time and you’ll see the fruits of your labor as 2020 progresses.

Find Your Motivation

For your growth at YiJia, the steps above can also be applied to yield great results. Regardless if you are a One-Star Member or a Crown Ambassador, figure out where you want to be by the end of this year. It is essential that you flush out your desires so that down the road you’ll be reminded why you started this journey in the first place. Ultimately, your motivation for obtaining the rank of Crystal or Sapphire or achieving something else entirely will be different from another member. Remember, YiJia is the versatile platform for you to actualize your own goals and dreams.

Set Goals & Create A Plan

Regardless of the Rank you want to obtain, break it down into chunks that you can achieve across the period of this year. Let’s just say that you want to hit Crystal by the end of 2020. Ok, let’s break it all down. You will need to obtain 15,000 BV to be awarded the rank of Crystal. Practically speaking, you’ll need to average 1,250 BV per month. Depending on the time you are reading this article, it is highly likely that a good few days have already passed in January. So let’s set a realistic and achievable goal of 1,000 BV quota for January. Then for February, let’s try to achieve 1,250 BV. Remember to take small incremental steps.

Breakdown Your Plan Into Action

By the end of January, let’s assume you have reached 1,000 BV. Now circle back to step 3 and re-evaluate your goal again. 15,000 BV – 1,000 BV = 14,000 BV across 11 months remaining. Even though the average BV required for the remaining months has slightly increased but it’s negligible and you are still on track to achieving your goal! Now for February, let’s try to aim for 1,250 BV. Once you hit that, go for another 1,250 BV for March. Remember, the key is to be consistent. Once you have raised your performance to a certain mark, then try not to regress. Therefore, you should strive for smaller increments over growth spikes.

Let’s assume that by the end of March, you’ve now gained 1,000 BV for January, 1,250 BV for February and another 1,250 BV for March. Let’s take a step back and see where you are now (remember step 3). You’ve now accumulated a total of 3,500 BV for Q1 of 2020! To put it another way, you are 23% done your journey to the rank of Crystal. And you are now also a Two-Star Member!

Forecast Your Obstacles

During each month, as you face obstacles in hitting your BV goal, remember to anticipate the hurdles that will tempt you to stop trying. It could be that you don’t have any leads to talk to or perhaps you don’t want to follow up with certain people. Remember to anticipate and overcome your excuses. What’s more, you can tell your direct sponsor you are aiming for Crystal. Your sponsor will not only support you, but I’m sure he or she give you moral and practical advice along the way. Most importantly, your team members will keep you accountable to your words.

Be Accountable & Track Results

Be sure to mark your accomplishments by tracking your results. This means that you can adopt a calendar system to mark all your appointments, all your leads, and all the BV you’ve acquired on which day. Once you marked an appointment with someone, both of you will be accountable for that appointment. You can also send a friendly reminder the day before an appointment. As well, there are tracking options for your progress that you can check when you login to the members section of the YiJia website. Likewise, be sure to follow up with your team leaders as they will be supportive of your daily, weekly and monthly progression.

So, how was your New Year celebrations? By now, that’s not an important question to answer. The better question to ask yourself is, where do you see yourself by the end of 2020 and have you started planning on how to make your goals a reality? If not, then we urge you to put some time aside later today to start jotting down ideas. Your roadmap, new year’s resolutions, action plan or whatever buzz word you want to phrase it will depend solely on you to take shape!

Just remember that YiJia will be here every step of the way to support you. As a member of the YiJia family, your leadership team is poised to guide you on whatever goal you’ve set upon. We wish you all a happy start to 2020 from YiJia to all of our members, family and friends!


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