Golden Globes going Vegan echoes with YiJia

Golden Globes going Vegan echoes with YiJia

Golden Globes going Vegan echoes with YiJia

January 7, 2020

Over the weekend the 77th annual Golden Globes award show was held from The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. Host Ricky Gervais did not disappoint as the stars of Hollywood gathered to celebrate achievements in entertainment and cinema. This year’s ceremony should also be applauded for a bold decision they made, literally weeks, before the event took place. That is the decision to serve a 100% plant-based meal as well as cut down on single-use plastics at the event.

The menu switch was made in an effort to raise awareness on the topic of global carbon footprint and climate change. “If there’s a way we can, not change the world, but save the planet, maybe we can get the Golden Globes to send a signal and draw attention to the issue about climate change,” HFPA president Lorenzo Soria said. The HFPA’s (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) decision to go vegan was praised by the Hollywood actors and actresses, most notably by Leonardo DiCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix, and Mark Ruffalo.

Photographer Leslie Grow, Beverly Hilton Exec Chef Matthew Morgan

Photographer Leslie Grow, Beverly Hilton Exec Chef Matthew Morgan

If you’re wondering what’s on the menu, well Beverly Hilton executive chef Matthew Morgan did not disappoint with an enviable spread of food. The vegan menu starts with a chilled golden beet soup followed by king oyster mushrooms “scallops” and wild mushroom risotto, along with roasted baby purple and green Brussels sprouts and carrots. The HFPA also partnered with Icelandic Glacial serving naturally alkaline and sustainably-sourced natural spring water in glass bottles to eliminate plastic waste.

This story has resonated strongly with YiJia’s core values. Love is the mission statement of YiJia as we champion people’s goal of health and beauty. Equally so, the love we harbor translates to our compassion for nature and animals. YiJia has a zero tolerance policy on animal cruelty, and this mindset extends to all of our products we created by only using natural ingredients.

Most notably YiJia’s MIRIKEL products is geared to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle with an assortment of supplements to boost productivity and energy throughout your busy daily routine. The MIRIKEL brand of products consist of: the MIRIKEL Bluti Super Juice, the MIRIKEL Reishi Spore Powder, MIRIKEL Qualiten, the MIRIKEL Balance Five and the MIRIKEL DigeZ. All of the MIRIKEL products are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, no added sugar, with no added preservatives or additives and no artificial coloring or flavoring. All of our MIRIKEL products are ultra portable in packets or capsules. The packets can be easily dissolved in warm water and consumed on-the-go.

Our Bluti Super Juice sources quality blueberries from certified farms across America. Bluti combines quality blueberries with resveratrol fruit blend and fucoidan. Daily consumption of Bluti will support your eye health, metabolism and have a positive effect on aging skin.

Our Reishi Spore Powder capsules uses shell-broken red reishi spores with added echinacea extract. Its key benefits include boosting your immune system, supporting your respiratory system and it is rich in antioxidants.

Our Qualiten is a drink mix engineered by YiJia to help you achieve a healthier diet. The key benefits of Qualiten includes boosting your cardiovascular system, enhancing blood circulation and protecting your blood vessels, as well as supporting skin health.

Our Balance Five is the first nutritional supplement mix launched by YiJia. The Balance Five pack is loaded with grains, legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Balance Five is particularly beneficial for anyone with a loaded schedule unable to take time to enjoy a healthy meal. The key benefits of Balance Five is to help support your weight management and boost energy.

Lastly, the MIRIKEL DigeZ is our multi-probiotic supplement packed with seven types of probiotics, mixed enzymes, fructooligosaccharide and green tea extract. DigeZ is suitable for anyone with gastrointestinal disorder, or for people looking to manage their weight or anyone looking to detox their food intake. DigeZ offers the best benefits for a mighty gut.

YiJia challenges you to Redefine Your Healthy Lifestyle. Much like the positive publicity from the Golden Globes 2020, you can also make a difference by adopting a healthier diet while mitigating waste consumption.

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